Move over Stags – Hens rule the roost!


It is almost expected that a Stag will be temped to get up to no good on his last night of freedom as a single man. As the bright lights of Vegas call, an endless supply of drinks, a bevy of beauties gyrating in thongs, surrounded by friends and no future wife in sight; it’s a classic setting for a fidelity slip up with “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” as the group mantra.

There is however a new tribe in town who rival the need to enjoy their last night of ‘freedom’ even more than their clichéd counterpart: Hens on a mission. These ladies aren’t going to sit at home worrying what their future spouses are up to, they simply have the ‘If you can’t beat, them join them’ ethic and see an opportunity to put traditional values to one side for the night.

The Hen party allows a forgotten night of activity with a ‘Get out of Jail free’ card mindset of reasoning. In the same way many name drinking as a top reason for an indiscretion, this one wild night before committing to “until death do us part” makes it acceptable to behave out of character while they are swept away with a potent cocktail of festivities and ‘last chance’ undertones., the UK’s largest website for married people, surveyed both their male and females members back in 2011, finding that 11% of men to only 3% of women admitted cheating on their stag & hen nights. When they ran the same survey again this Spring – the ladies nearly equalled the men in the cheating stats. This total change of trend in a classically male arena shows a massive shift in times, and attitudes.

With this change in mind, also wanted to see if ‘Bro code’ rules applied to ladies and asked on a recent survey “Does what happens on a hen do stay on a hen do?” A strong 91% females members answered ‘Yes’. It seems Sisterhood can more than match the classic ‘Bro code’

Rosie Freeman-Jones, spokesperson for comments “Today Women are just as empowered, if not more so than men to look out for their ladies, sticking firmly together whatever a friends actions maybe, and hen party antics are no exception”. member* Alice Smart, 35 from Surrey, told us “I did have a one night stand on my hen party, but in a strange way I felt entitled to. I could not wait to marry my husband, but I also felt a burning desire to behave as if I was a single girl that night. When I confided in my girlfriends they were non judgemental and could understand why the temptation to have one last throw away night would appeal”

So while Stag nights remain in the *top 3 of occasions where females worry their partner will stray, Hen parties look set to place themselves firmly in the mind of males: not so cliché…

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