The Grass Really IS Greener, As Married Women Fantasise Most About Seducing Their Gardener​s

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  • Married women fantasise about seducing their gardeners more so than anyone else, a new survey has revealed
  • Other popular responses included firemen, fitness instructors and mechanics
  • 77% of married women admitted to flirting and making passes to those in the aforementioned professions
  • The least sexy profession, and the one women would least like to seduce, was postmen (20%)
  • The results come from a survey of over 650 married women on, the UK’s leading dating website for married people

Gardeners are officially the most popular fantasy of married women across the UK. According to, the UK’s leading dating website for married people and the leading authority on infidelity, 34% of a survey of over 650 women confessed that they’d most like to seduce gardeners.

Other popular responses included firemen (16%), fitness instructor (12%), mechanic (10%) and carpenter (7%).

The site’s spokesperson, Christian Grant, explains:

“Women know what they want, and there’s evidently a common theme here. Your stereotypical image of a gardener is a hot, topless and well-built man, and the same could be said of firemen, fitness instructors and the other popular responses.

Times have changed, and with the married women on our site mainly stuck in sexless marriages, they don’t want to sit and wait for someone to court them – they’re dominant, and they’ll seek the initiative to turn their seduction fantasy into a reality.”

The fantasy also derives from its plausibility, with as many as 77% respondents admitting that they’ve flirted and made passes with men in the aforementioned professions.

“It’s a not too uncommon scenario,” explains Grant.

“If one’s husband is out of the house, and the incredibly attractive gardener, plumber (or whatever it may be) is alone with the married women in question… well, it’s easy to put two and two together and make four.”

Interestingly, the survey also revealed the professions that they’d least like to seduce, with postmen, delivery men, milkmen and IT technician topping this particular list with 20%, 18%, 12% and 10% of the vote respectively.

“While we all eagerly anticipate the postman or delivery man knocking on our door when we’re awaiting a package, we’re more interested in what’s in their hand than the messenger themselves. I’m afraid that there’s very little that’s deemed charming, sexy or even remotely attractive about these jobs.”

Professions Women Would Most Like to Seduce

  1. Gardener (34%)
  2. Other (21%)
  3. Fireman (16%)
  4. Fitness Instructor (12%)
  5. Mechanic (10%)
  6. Carpenter (7%)

Professions Women Would Least Like to Seduce

  1. Other (40%)
  2. Postman (20%)
  3. Delivery Man (18%)
  4. Milkman (12%)
  5. IT Technician (10%)

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