Tall, dark and unfaithful? It’s official, taller men are more likely to play away!​

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  • Taller men are more likely to have an affair, new research has revealed
  • Of a survey of over 1,800 married men, 20% were between 6ft 1″ and 6ft 2″ tall
  • 60% of all men were over 6ft tall, with the least common height range being between 5ft 5” and 5ft 6” (3%)
  • 57% of a survey of over 950 women said that they would not date someone who was shorter than them
  • The findings come from IllicitEncounters.com, the UK’s leading dating website for married people
Does your height impact your likelihood to have an affair? New research seems to suggest that that’s the case.

IllicitEncounters.com, the UK’s leading dating website for married people and the leading authority on infidelity, surveyed over 1,800 of its male members and found that the most common height range was between 6ft 1” and 6ft 2”, the height of 20% of respondents, with the average height being just under 6ft 1”.

In fact, 60% of all men surveyed were over 6ft, with the least common height range being between 5ft 5” and 5ft 6” (3%).

The site’s spokesperson, Christian Grant, explains why this is more than just a coincidence:

“It might seem old fashioned, but generally speaking, dating someone shorter than you is a sacrifice too great for many people. It’s even worse for women who, with their killer heels on show, absolutely tower over their partners – it makes for an awkward picture to say the least.

“What that all means for tall blokes is that they’re more likely to grab a woman’s attention by virtue of their height alone. With that in mind, they’re more likely to be confident when it comes to picking up women, and, in this case, more likely to find themselves in a position to cheat than a shorter man – it’s all about how many can resist the temptation to have an affair.”

Many adulterous celebrities support this evidence, with Ben Affleck and Vernon Kay, both of whom cheated on their respective partners, standing at an impress 6ft 4″. On the other hand, celebrities like Kevin Bacon and Dustin Hoffman, who’ve been married for 28 years and 36 years respectively, stand at 5ft 10″ and 5ft 6″ tall.

In a separate survey of over 950 married women, over half (57%) said that they wouldn’t date someone if they were shorter than them.

Lucy, 44, was one of those women, as she explains:

“The main reason I’m having an affair is because I want what my husband can’t give me at home. I know it might seem shallow, but there needs to be a physical attraction, and height is definitely a massive part of that.

If I’m going to settle and not get what I want out of an affair, then what’s the point of having one at all?”

Height Ranges of Adulterers

1. 6ft 1″ to 6ft 2″ (20%)

2. 6ft to 6ft 1″ (15%)

3. 6ft 2″ to 6ft 3″ (14%)

4. 5ft 10″ to 5ft 11″ (12%)

5. 5ft 11″ to 6ft” (9%)

6. 6ft 3″ to 6ft 4″ (6%)

7. Over 6ft 4″ (5%)

= 8. 5ft 9″ to 5ft 10″ (4%)

= 8. 5ft 8″ to 5ft 9″ (4%)

= 8. 5ft 7″ to 5ft 8″ (4%)

= 9. 5ft 6″ 5ft 7″ (3%)

=9. 5ft 5″ to 5ft 6″ (3%)

=10. Below 5ft 5″ (1%)

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Yes! Yes! Yes! 68% of women admit faking orgasms – and almost a third of men, too – according to new study

* Men or women who are cheating are much less likely to fake it when they are with their illicit lover;
* Main reason both sexes fake it is to spare their long-term partner’s feelings because sex was taking too long;
* Women are eight times more likely to fake an orgasm with a long-term partner than with a new love;
* Half of women (54%) and 36% of men say there is nothing wrong in faking it;
* Four out of ten women (42%) said they found it easy to fool a lover into thinking they have climaxed;
* Results are from a new survey of 1,000 people by IllicitEncounters.com – Britain’s leading dating website for married people
Almost seven out of ten women have faked an orgasm – and nearly a third of men, too, according to new study.
It found that 68% of women and 28% of men have pretended to climax with a partner.
Half the women surveyed (54%) said they had faked it because the sex was taking too long and they didn’t want to hurt their partner’s feelings.
Other reasons women gave for pretending were they found sex boring (37%), not in the mood (36%),  too tired (35%),  they had drunk too much alcohol (28%), their partner was new and could not satisfy them (16%), they struggle to climax through intercourse (15%).
Sparing a partner’s feeling was the main reason men fake it – chosen by 22% of those questioned, followed by too much alcohol (20%).
One in ten men said they had faked an orgasm during a one-night stand after realising they had made a mistake.
The results come from a new poll of 1,000 people by IllicitEncounters.com, Britain’s leading dating website for married people.
It found that women were eight times more likely to fake an orgasm with their husband or long-term partner than with a new lover or someone with whom they were cheating.
Men were three times more likely to pretend with their wife or long-term partner than with someone they had just started dating or having an affair with.
Half the women questioned (54%) said they saw nothing wrong in faking a climax because to reveal the truth would cause more harm.
Fewer men (36%) saw nothing wrong in faking it.
Four out of ten women (42%) said that it was ‘easy’ to fool men into thinking they have climaxed.
Only 12% of men said they would find faking it ‘easy’.
Actress Megan Ryan is probably responsible for the most famous faked female orgasm in movies in the scene in Where Harry Met Sally where she
explained how easily women can fool men by faking an orgasm while eating in a busy diner.
IllicitEncounters.com spokesman Christian Grant said: “It is very clear from these findings that there are a lot of women having rubbish sex with their husbands and long-term boyfriends and faking it to spare their feelings.
“It is easier to do that than confront the deeper problems in a relationship.
“Perhaps what is more surprising is how many men are faking it, too – largely for the same reasons as women. They put on an act because their marriage or long-term relationship is stale  and they are going through the motions when it comes to sex.
“All IllicitEncounters.com research shows that couples enjoy their best sex right at the start of a relationship when things are still fresh and you are both excited to be trying something new.”
IllicitEncounters.com has more than one million members in the UK.
Male members are mostly white collar professionals – earning an average of £54,000 a year.
Women tend to be younger than male members and they date more frequently – averaging three dates a month to men’s two.
Why women fake orgasms
1 Sex was taking too long and they didn’t want to hurt their long-term partner’s feelings 54%
2 The sex was boring (37%)
3 Not in the mood 36%
4 Too tired (35%)
3 They had drunk too much (28%)
4 Their partner was new and could not satisfy them (16%)
5  They struggle to climax through intercourse (15%)
Why men fake orgasms
1 Sparing a partner’s feelings (22%)
2 Too much alcohol (20%)
3 Sex was boring (18%)
4 A one-night stand that had gone wrong (10%)
5 Not in the mood (8%)
6 Too tired (6%)
7 Stress (5%)