Work Based Affairs Could Hit A 20 Year High


Work-place romances set are set to sky rocket as work based stress hits a 20 year high. A new study by the UK Commission for employment and skills has relieved that Britain’s employees are feeling more insecure and pressured at work than at any time in the past 20 years.

Findings from the 2012 Skills and Employment Survey (SES) claimed that more workers are feeling they are increasingly worried about losing their job or suffering a loss of status and unfair treatment at work. This supports earlier findings by Leading married dating and, who commissioned a study to investigate the impact of stress on the number of office based romances.

The study showed that those employees that work longer than 45 hours a week or have stressful jobs are almost 5 times more likely to embark on an extra marital affair.

Spokesperson for, Mike Taylor, said “Working longer hours without additional pay or benefits can push people into making bad relationship decisions. Workers can find themselves in the office late at night, exhausted and feeling low and take comfort with a co-worker in the same situation, this can then develop as they spend more time with each other than they are with their spouses.”

Over 54% of all workers admitted that at some-point in their career they have considered engaging in a work-based affair and this study shows the likelihood of them doing so escalates exponentially when working hours are increased.

It estimated that more than seven million people a year in the UK work unpaid extra hours to hold on to their jobs and with stress and job insecurity on the rise, businesses could be heading for a work based infidelity epidemic.

Employers need to recognise that squeezing more hours out of their workers maybe counter-productive. The study demonstrated there is a clear correlation between an increase in stress in the workplace and a rise in the number of work based affairs. It affects their workers’ morale, their physical and mental well-being and as this study has shown, can also be detrimental to their personal relationships. None of these are of any long term benefit to any companies. Whilst the majority of businesses acknowledge that office romances can have a negative impact on productivity very few are taking the necessary precautions to stem the increase.

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