An Open Relationship: Saving Marriages, One Couple At a Time


Is your marriage a train-wreck? The best way to save it could be by entering into an open relationship, new research has claimed. More than 1500 people took part in a poll, with 5% noting that they have entered an open relationship after having experienced struggles in their current marriage.

Of that 5%, a little over half (52%) noted “a significant” improvement in their marriage after making the decision to enter an open relationship, with 44% specifying that they were more satisfied in the bedroom.

“It’s a difficult concept to come to terms with,” explained Christian Grant from extra-marital dating website

“Entering an open relationship might seem scary to some, as it completely undermines everything we’re taught about love and marriage, but more and more people are warming to the idea.”

The results shed some light on how the modern relationship is changing, with more people trying a different approach to turn around their struggling love lives.

“People in an unhappy relationship or marriage are often too scared to speak up and act to save what’s left,” says Grant.

“The UK has one of the highest divorce rates on the continent*, so something’s clearly going terribly wrong somewhere, and not enough is being done to fix it.”

However, Grant explains that the recent research indicates that the paradigm is finally starting to shift.

“With many divorces proving to be far too messy financially, amongst other things, more and more people are seeing open relationships as an excellent solution to their problems. Don’t knock it before you try it.”

Kerry, who has been using for 3 years, said: “I initially intended to use the site to have an affair, but I opened up to my husband and we’ve been in an open relationship ever since.

I’ll admit that it was a little weird at first, but my husband and I found ourselves happier than we’d been in a long time. Now, we’re both on the site regularly to look for other partners. It’s not as common as a ‘normal’ relationship, sure, but who’s to say what’s normal and what constitutes happiness anyway?”


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