Boris Voted Most Bed-able Politician in Dating Site Version of Snog, Marry, Avoid


With the impending elections, has asked its members to take part in a slightly different kind of poll. Instead of snog marry and avoid, 500 members were asked which politicians they would most like to cheat with, divorce their spouse for or avoid.

The results reveal that most women would like to cheat with Boris Johnson with over half of the vote (52%) and men would like to be unfaithful with Esther McVey (47%).

In the ‘divorce spouse for’ category Nick Clegg came top for women with 38% and Gloria De Piero for men with 35%.

The politician that has us running for the hills in the ‘avoid’ category is Nigel Farage with a staggering 64% of the vote and Nicola Sturgeon (58%).

Runners up in the ‘most likely to cheat with’ included Jeremy Hunt, Grant Shapps, Penny Mordaunt, Caroline Flint and Elizabeth Truss suggesting that Conservative politicians appeal to a more illicit audience.

David Cameron received 11% of the votes in the marry category whilst Ed Miliband didn’t fare so well receiving 6% of the votes in the avoid category.

The poll was carried out by the UK’s leading married dating website with almost 1 million UK members.

Spokesperson for Claire Page said “Affairs and politics seem to go hand in hand, from John Major, Bill Clinton to Francois Holland, politicians are stereotypically bad at being faithful.”

“With the results released, the most hilarious finding has got to be Boris Johnson winning the title of person we would most like to cheat with! In a bizarre way, he emulates his hero Winston Churchill. He’s a sensationalist – between his comments on Islamic fundamentalists and suicide bombers, to his very fitting (or not so!) jokes about pro-having and pro-eating policies on cake, he’s certainly gifted at grabbing headlines. You have to admit, he’s got charm, so, in a way, it’s not difficult to see why women like him”

Full details of the winners are listed below:

Have an affair with
Boris Johnson
Marital Status: Married.

Once quoted saying ‘I’ve slept with far fewer than 1000’

“Step in line ladies and form an orderly queue. Since Bojo first came into the public eye we have been fascinated by him, he is brazen and has charisma. There is no denying he has become a symbol for all things London – and with the highest percentage of members from here, it is no surprise we have formed a strong attachment to the politician. He would make an ideal candidate for an affair, picture this –an illicit afternoon cycling along the Thames – although it would be a bit hard to disguise that floppy blonde hair of his!”

Esther Mcvey
Marital Status: Single

Once quoted saying ‘Marriage never came my way, I don’t know why.’

“Former GMTV presenter, also known as Fester Mcvile. She is opinionated and feisty – this slightly intimidating blonde bombshell is exactly the kind of woman a man would fantasize sleeping with outside of their marriage. Reminiscent of a comic book supervillainess, and who wouldn’t want to sleep with Posion Ivy, just once, to see what it’s like?”

Would have a Divorce for
Nick Clegg
Marital Status: Married

Once quoted saying ‘My head spins. One moment I’m told I’m too edgy, then people say I’m too angry, then that I show too much passion … make your minds up,”

“Nick Clegg, a jack of all trades. He is an award winning journalist for the financial times, if you do the math – on that basis alone he would make an excellent prospective partner – the figures point towards financial security. Not only that, he is multilingual in five different European languages – which will make the holidays interesting!”

Gloria De Piero
Marital Status: Married

Once quoted saying ‘I hate to sound like a politician, but we must not allow ladders of opportunity to be taken beyond the reach of ordinary people,’

“Another former GMTV presenter, Gloria De Piero of Italian descent is the stunning girl next door. Someone you would be pleased to introduce to your family – she comes from a humble background and has become a rising star in the political world. Having launched a ‘Why do you hate me campaign’ to establish a better connection with the general public, she aims to challenge negative views of politicians. Beautiful and intriguing – it is no surprise men would leave their wives for her!”

Bubbling under in the ‘Divorce my spouse for’ were Tristram Hunt (27%), David Cameron (11%) and Luciana Berger (28%).

Nigel Farage
Marital Status: Married

Once quoted saying ‘I think that politics needs a bit of spicing up.’

“Not the greatest reputation, often coming under fire for his controversial speeches. It seems the general consensus is to avoid this politician, with his extreme views on immigration and wanting to bring back smoking in pubs and clubs – he isn’t exactly popular. Al Murray would have probably fended better with his spoof of Nigel’s UKIP party act, The Pub Landlord.”

Nicola Sturgeon
Marital Status: Married

Once quoted saying ‘Where Mrs Thatcher divided society, I want to do the opposite’

“Let’s face it, with a huge 58% of the vote it is clear that Nicola Sturgeon simply doesn’t have those qualities we look for in a romance. The fact she’s in a committed 12 year relationship also puts her in that no-go zone.”

Other people in the avoid category included Eric Pickles (17%), Ed Miliband (6%) and Leanne Wood (21%).

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