World Cup leads to thousands of Married Women looking to score!

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Thousands of football widows have flocked to extramarital dating site,, as world cup frenzy is leaving them feeling neglected by their partners. The website has reported an average of a 67% rise in female activity since World Cup fever swept the nation.

Leading UK marital affairs website, which has over 850,000 members, is seeing a surge of new member sign-ups as the tournament is due to begin. The recent friendly match between England and Peru showed just how invisible ladies are already beginning to feel as their partners are distracted; the site saw a 200% increase in female activity. Over the last few weeks they have seen nightly increases of up to 82% in new female traffic, with an overwhelming majority citing, ‘world cup neglect’ as the reason for joining.

Mike Taylor from said: “There is a large number of women who are feeling neglected due to world cup fever being their partner’s number one priority. Some of the new members even mention the fact they had signed-up just because they were sick and tired of coming second to football matches and decided to ‘play away’ themselves during the world cup.”

Charlotte 38 from Manchester who joined the site just before the England and Peru game, made it clear in her profile that she was looking for someone to fill the gap during the world cup commenting: “World cup season is upon us and I have become invisible to my man I am looking for someone who is fit, active and looking to meet up during matches for some fun.”

Mike Taylor adds: “Some new females have actually been surprisingly explicit about what lead them to join the site, citing instances when they were neglected while their partner spent hours at the pub, or those who were completely ignored at home, apart from the occasional request for beer and snacks.”

So while some footballers may have more experience in dealing with affairs illicit encounters, expect these figures to serve as a wake-up call to the majority of British men – if you don’t pay attention to your ladies, they are not afraid to go and find someone who will. Most likely someone who’s into salsa dancing or doubles tennis.

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