You know what they say about men with big feet? Well apparently they are more likely to cheat


It seems that whilst some sayings about mens feet may be a myth the UK’s largest dating site for people looking to have an affair has conducted some new research on its male members and found a correlation between a man’s shoe size and their likelihood of having an affair.

It seems the larger the shoe size the more likely men are to have an affair with the most faithful men having a shoe between 7-9 and those men with size 10+ feet being over 3 times more likely to have an affair.

Spokesperson for Mike Taylor commented: “While some men would argue that there is no relationship between the size of their feet and any other body part, it seems there is a strong correlation between the men who come on the site looking for an affair and the size of their loafers. “

The results of the study ties up with famous cheats who are also known to have larger feet, such as Bill Clinton who has size 13 US (size 12 UK feet), the largest of any President since Abraham Lincoln. Tiger Woods wears a size 10 whilst Hugh Grant sports size 11 shoes.

It seems if your partner is slipping on a pair of size 9s or smaller you can rest easy, however if he is slipping on some size 13 football boots he may be looking to play away, literally.

Men’s Shoe Size Men’s UK Average % Men looking for affair %
Below 7 2% 0%
7 18% 4%
8 27% 9%
9 26% 11%
10 14% 19%
11 5% 22%
12 2% 16%
13 2% 12%

Average UK mens shoe size data taken from the British Footware Association

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