Love at first spy – 64% of us have tracked our first love on social media to see who they are with now, according to a new survey


* A quarter of us are STILL with our first love;
* 75% of people experience first love by the time they are 21;
* 41% of people enjoy the best sex of their lives with their first love;
* One in six of us have slept again with our first love after reconnecting with them online post-break up;
* Results are from a survey of 1,000 people by, Britain’s leading dating website for married people

Most people have looked up their first love on social media to check out who they are dating, according to a new survey.

It found that 64% of people had searched for pictures and updates on the life of the person who first captured their heart on websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

More than a quarter of those surveyed have got back in touch with their first love after looking them up online.

And around one in six people (15%) have slept with their ex after reconnecting online, and a further 21% have thought about having sex with them.

The results were revealed in a survey of 1,000 people by – Britain’s leading dating website for married people.

The poll found that love truly is all around: 99% of us have fallen in love at least once in our lives by the age of 40.

For most people (55%), this happens between the ages of 15-18, a fifth (20%) fall in love between 19-21 and 8% between 22-25.

The first serious relationship lasts between one and five years for 40% of people.
A quarter of respondents (25%) are still dating their first love now, and a further 24% are still in touch even though they are no longer together.

Less than half of people (41%) said they enjoyed the best sex of their lives with their first love.

Roughly the same number (42%) still talk about their first love with their current partner.
Interestingly, this was one of the answers where there was the biggest difference in the responses of men and women.

Whereas 45% of women talk about their first love with their current partner, just 38% of men do the same.

Half of women said they had been contacted by their ex and had ignored them – whereas this has happened to just 28% of men.

Just over a quarter of us (28%) still reminisce fondly about our first love – men (31%) slightly more than women (27%). spokesman Christian Grant said: “Anyone’s first love will have a profound effect on their lives.

With so many of us on social media, it is far easier to secretly track how they are getting on and it is not surprising that most people have done this.

The survey shows clearly that women are far keener than men to talk about their experiences with previous lovers.

I think this is because they want to make sure they don’t repeat previous mistakes and are generally happier talking about their feelings.

Men are much more likely to contact a former lover directly. They also reminisce more fondly about their ex-lovers than women.

I think we can safely say that these two findings are connected: men are much keener on having sex again with their first love than women who are more prepared to move on with their lives.” has more than one million members in the UK.

The average income of male members is £54,000 and there are more than 20,000 people online looking for affairs each month.

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