Techies are logging on to married dating sites!

xbkkaqgztlk0baipdyhv the UK’s largest married dating site has seen a 12% increase of IT workers joining the affairs site to seek out a lover.

The affairs site currently has 13,200 active users who work in Information Technology, with a spike of 12% in the last year alone. Interestingly the year before IT workers using the site were on the decline by 5%.

The most significant rise of techies signing up to the site is seen in London – possibly coinciding with many of the hot new tech start-ups popping up all over East London, creating a tech-savvy culture hub of likeminded individuals. Most notably Silicon Roundabout aka Tech City in Shoreditch, here many major tech companies reside; it is also a very sociable part of London that has a plethora of bars and clubs.

Perhaps the common IT guy is now far removed from being cooked up in a stuffy dark room with only his high spec screens for company, and is instead placed in a high rise, air conditioned tech hub with plenty of places to seek out further entertainment once the office closes for the day.

Sam, a 36 year old Software Specialist who uses the site, said “My life and job is very orderly. I have a 9am-6pm job although I often work late, I have a coordinated family life, and work is financially rewarding and very stable. I do feel under pressure to do well at work and provide for my family, and I feel quite anxious in proving for myself in day-to-day life.

It means when I do have some freedom, I want to do something a little out of character – it’s exhausting always doing what is expected of you. I like to meet new and interesting girls to feed my need to learn and grow – it takes a very unique man to limit himself to one woman for their entire life. I guess I get the best of both worlds, tell me one man who wouldn’t want that?”

Spokesperson for Claire Page said ‘The IT guy used to be the janitor-looking creep who came to fix whatever computer issue you were having back in high school. That IT guy no longer exits, now he is a liberal, beard brandishing, and smart talking Mr. Cool from the tech department – and boy do we like to break our computers to have them come lean over and fix them! Why are more techies cheating on their partners? Simply because the World Wide Web has made it easier and more discrete, and nobody knows how best to cover up their tracks or clear their browser history then the IT guy!”

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Established in 2003, we have been providing a meeting place for like-minded married and attached people for nearly 10 years. Our members have one thing in common – they are all looking for a little romance outside their current relationship. Whether that’s the occasional bit of flirtatious chat, a regular coffee date, or a full-blown affair, that’s up to them.

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