UK’s Sexiest Politicians For 2018 Revealed

  • Boris Johnson and Laura Pidcock top annual list of UK’s sexiest politicians.
  • Theresa May drops from top spot in 2017 to make the list of least sexy in 2018.
  • MEP Nigel Farage voted as least desirable male UK politician.
  • DUP’s Arlene Foster crowned as least beddable female politician.
  • Labour beat Conservative as sexiest overall party.
  • Results come from survey conducted on 3000 members of dating website

Conservative MP and former Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson has come out on top of an annual poll of the sexiest male UK politicians according to a recent survey.

Boris beat fellow Conservative Jeremy Hunt, who dropped to second after taking the top spot in 2017. Conservative MP for Braintree and newcomer to the list, James Cleverly placed third. Overall, Conservatives received a little over half of the total votes for the sexiest male politicians (56%).

Although the top three spots were all occupied by Conservatives, Labour did make it into the top five as well. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and  Manchester’s Mayor Andy Burnham took fourth and fifth positions in the poll.

Labour took the lion’s share of the vote in the ladies category with Laura Pidcock, Luciana Berger, and Rebecca Long-Bailey taking the top three positions respectively. Labour ladies accounted for almost 8 out of every 10 ballots cast (79%)

Overall, Labour came out on top taking 58.5% of the total vote share across both male and female categories, compared to a conservative 35% for the Conservatives.

Participants of the survey were asked to vote for the least sexy politicians. Nigel Farage was selected as the least desirable male with one in four votes going to the far right Brexiteer.

Most shocking was Prime Minister Theresa May’s fall from grace, voted as sexiest female politician in 2017, this year she is now in the top three least desirable UK female politicians, below Nicola Sturgeon who placed second and the least sexy female politician in the U.K for 2018, Arlene Foster.

The recent survey was conducted with 3000 adulterers on, the U.K’s leading dating website for married people and the foremost authority on infidelity

Top Ten Most Sexy Male Politicians                       

  1. Boris Johnson (20%)
  2. Jeremy Hunt (16%)
  3. James Cleverly (15%)
  4. Jeremy Corbyn (14%)
  5. Andy Burnham(11%)
  6. Sadiq Khan (8%)
  7. Zac Goldsmith (5%)
  8. Ed Miliband (5%)
  9. John Bercow (4%)
  10. Other (2%)


Top Ten Least Sexy Male Politicians

  1. Nigel Farage (24%)
  2. David Davis  (20%)
  3. Tim Farron (15%)
  4. Vince Cable (11%)
  5. Sajid Javid (8%)
  6. Other (7%)
  7. Michael Gove (6%)
  8. Dennis Skinner (4%)
  9. Philip Hammond (3%)
  10. John McDonnell (2%)


Top Ten Most Sexy Female Politicians

  1. Laura Pidcock (21%)
  2. Luciana Berger (19%)
  3. Rebecca Long Bailey (18%)
  4. Caroline Lucas (11%)
  5. Esther McVey (8%)
  6. Baroness Smith of Basildon (6%)
  7. Penny Mordaunt (6%)
  8. Yvette Cooper (5%)
  9. Other (4%)
  10. Shami Chakrabarti (2%)


Top Ten Least Sexy Female Politicians

  1. Arlene Foster (28%)
  2. Nicola Sturgeon (19%)
  3. Theresa May (17%)
  4. Nia Griffith (10%)
  5. Amber Rudd (8%)
  6. Diane Abbott (6%)
  7. Angela Rayner (5%)
  8. Other (4%)
  9. Andrea Leadsom (2%)
  10. Emily Thornberry (1%)


Spokesperson for Christian Grant explains:

“I love the fact that Boris topped the list of beddable politicians, it is hard to deny the man has a certain oafish charm about him and it clearly resonates with the women who use our site. He is most definitely a character, and personality is a powerful draw.”

“Labour have fared extremely well in the female category and this could be down to the fact that Labour have enjoyed a grassroots lead insurgency of young, passionate, people centred politicians, though a more likely explanation is they have the best looking women. In that regard they would certainly have my vote.”

“It was also a surprise to see Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the top 5, there must be something about homemade jam and the Geography teacher look that is making a comeback in the sex appeal department.”

“It seems Theresa May has fallen out of favour with more than just her party, perhaps it was her dodgy deal with the DUP, or her no deal Brexit strategy, whatever the case may be she is now in the top three least desirable, almost as shocking a result as the last General Election. The Prime Minister just can’t seem to catch a break of late.”


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