Put A Cork In It – Drinking Red Wine Could Signify That Your Partner’s A Cheat!


Goodbye Wetherspoons, hello Oddbins – yes, red wine has become the go-to alcoholic drink of choice for affair-seeking women up and down the UK. That’s according to a survey by IllicitEncounters.com, the UK’s leading dating website for married people.

Of the 2000 women who participated in the survey, just shy of a quarter gave their vote to red wine, with its nearest competitor, gin, receiving 20% of the vote. Is it the taste? The units? The potential health benefits? Christian Grant, IllicitEncounters’ spokesperson, sheds a little light on red wine’s victory.

“In every new relationship, both partners are eager to better themselves and impress their opposite number. Red wine has always been associated with class, intelligence and elegance – to a certain extent, it’s a status symbol.

So, if you’ve noticed that your wife has ditched the unknown brands of vodka and gin and is starting to spend a worrying amount of time studying wine labels in her local supermarket, it could be a telling sign that she’s trying to impress someone new.”

Several anonymous respondents pitched in with their reasoning, with one stating: “First impressions are everything, and wine has too many positive connotations to pass it up! It might seem like just a small thing, but it can only help your image.”

The survey also found that the perceived health benefits that come with consuming red wine were a defining characteristic in its victory.

Grant explains: “Whenever you enter a new relationship, your appearance and health is always at the forefront of your mind. Study after study has suggested that red wine can prevent cancer, dementia – a whole host of diseases and illnesses, in fact – but, most importantly, it contains anti-aging properties.

There’s a lot to suggest that red wine does more good than harm – certainly more so than any other alcoholic beverage out there – and a woman looking to better herself for the new man in her life will most definitely take all of that into account.”

The full results are available below:

Drink Percentage
Red Wine 24%
Gin 20%
Cocktail 15%
White Wine 14%
Other 12%
Tea Total 6%
Rosé 5%
Beer 4%


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