Accountants Voted Best Between the Sheets

  • 8 out of 10 women say accountants are best lovers under the covers
  • Founders/entrepreneurs come in close second as most beddable
  • Women find male models and butchers least sexy
  • Results come from survey of 2500 female members by, the UK’s leading dating website for married people

78% of women rank accountants as the number one profession to get hot and steamy under the covers in a recent survey by

Top reasons given by women for wanting to bed an accountant is that they are good in bed, great at dirty talk and don’t finish first. The study indicates that accountants make selfless lovers that focus all their attention on their partner.

Founders/entrepreneurs came in close second place as most beddable with 71% of the vote, and actors third with 68%

Shockingly male models came in second to last with only 7% of women agreeing this profession is good in bed.

Butchers scored the least votes with only 2%

Annabelle a member on said “Accountants are hot, come on! Someone who is that good with numbers clearly has amazing attention to detail. Good things come to those who wait, and great sex is about patience and communication. For women it isn’t just about the physical either, orgasmic pleasure needs a connection of minds.”

Siobhan another member using the site recalls “I did spend the night once with a male model and I can only describe it as awkward. Not only did I feel super insecure, the whole affair was clumsy and lacked chemistry.”

Relationship expert at, Jessica Leoni comments “Butchers are not sexy. Not only has everybody and their neighbour gone vegan over recent years, but butchers and sex just evoke Hannibal-esque erotica to me – no thanks!

Male models on the other hand, sexy on paper, kind of intimidating in real life. Models live a jet setting lifestyle which also leaves little time to build a genuine relationship.

Accountants are number one because they are thoughtful lovers who are willing to try new things. Experimentation in bed really keeps the passion alive. Freakiness, dirty talk and not finishing first – what more could you want?

The study shows that women are attracted to men who are not only financially endowed but also time-rich – meaning they pay more attention to their date. It takes a confident man to focus more on our pleasure than their own, and that is damn sexy.”
Judging by profession only, do you think this profession is good in bed?

Accountant 78%
Founder/Entrepreneur 71 %
Actor 68%
Engineer 66%
Pilot 59%
Firefighter  57%
Doctor 49%
Teacher 44%
Bar tender 39%
Military 38%
Lawyer 29%
Military 19%
Office Worker 18%
Garbage Disposal man 17%
Retail 11%
Personal Trainer 10%
Police Officer 8%
Model 7%
Butcher 2%


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