Brit’s Vote on the World’s Sexiest Accent!

*79% of people agree that accents play a major part in a person’s datability 
*The sexiest female accent is German, and sexiest male accent is Scottish
*Irish fairs second best for female accents, and third for men’s
*American voted the least attractive accent
*The results comes as part of a survey of 2000 people on, the UK’s leading dating website for married people

Can you be attracted to someone by the sound of their voice? Extramarital dating site has set tongues wagging in Britain as the public cast their vote on the most attractive accents.

A German accent is the most desirable accent on a woman, as voted by men. Second place is an Irish accent, and third place is French.

A Scottich accent is the sexiest accent on a man, as voted by women. Second place is South African, and third place is Irish.

72% of respondents agreed that Americans have the most undesirable accents in the world.

79% of people agree that accents play a major part in a person’s datability. 

62% of people have rejected someone on the basis of their accent.

24% of people admit they’ve been on a date before with someone whom they didn’t understand because of a thick accent.

Jessica Leoni sex and relationships expert at said “Looks like French has been dethroned entirely as the language of love, with Brits preferring German and Scottish. 

I am unsurprised that Germanic is the most likely to arouse our British men, it’s dominant, icy – with a certain elusive quality, and isn’t it that men always want what they can’t have? 

Scottish men. Scottish Accents. Need I say more, really? The accent is enchanting, like a seductive highland spell sweeping over you, it has a very primal sexual quality to it. 

There’s no denying the Irish twang has always been popular, coming in at a respectable second and third place as the sexiest accent for both women and men. 

Why do so many of us dislike the American accent? As Brits we’re known for being overly polite with a dry sense of humour, which is worlds apart from the awkwardly loud and foul mouthed American lingo. It’s insufferable.”

Members of voice their reasons for their vote:

Amelia, 28, Southwold

“I fancy the pants off the Scottish accent. It’s rugged, wild and uninhibited, just how I like it!”

George, 40, Bath
“I cannot resist a German accent, it’s so direct and formal, it creates fantasies of power and control. What’s sexier than a dominant, self assured woman?”

Harriet, 36, London

“French is like music to my ears, elegant and sophisticated. I find the French in general to be very passionate. Romancing in French possesses that certain je ne se quois that provokes lust you know? It’s irresistible.”

Vanessa, 50, Southampton

“I’ve always adored the South African accent. It is exotic, charming and unique. You can easily distinguish it in a crowd, it stands out.”

Patrick, 34, Manchester

“You just can’t beat an Irish accent. I think it’s the sexiest in the world.”


Sexiest Female Accents







New Zealand


Sexiest Male Accents


South African







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