The Itty Bitty Cheating Titty Committee – Women with Smaller Breasts Cheat!

* More than half of women who cheat have a cup size between AA and C
* B Cup is the most common bust size of a cheat – with 32B the most popular of the B’s 
* Adulterous women buy sexy lingerie for their lovers not their husbands
* Female loverats vote Marks & Spencer top choice shop for illicit lingerie 
* Results from a survey of 800 affair seeking ladies from leading married dating site

Know your ABC’s when it comes to cup sizes? It may help you spot a loverat!, the UK’s leading dating site for married people, surveyed 800 of its female members to discover a few eye-opening facts about cheating and the size of a woman’s bosom.

The results found that over half (52%) of female loverats have bra size between AA and C cups – making women with smaller breasts more likely to cheat compared to their faithful counterparts or rather bigger busted ladies.

The number one cup size of an adulterer is a B cup with a whopping 27% of women claiming to be a size B – with 32B being the most popular.

Famous celebrities with cup size 32B who have had affairs include Kristen Stewart (32B) and Sienna Miller (32B). Other famous celebrity cheats with a smaller bust size include Meg Ryan (34A) and Amanda Holden (32C).

Husbands beware if your wife buys sexy underwear! The results also found that out of the 800 women surveyed only 11% buy sexy lingerie to wear for their husbands however an enormous 73% have bought lingerie to impress their affair-partner.

Marks and Spencer has been voted the number one place British cheats buy sexy underwear (37%) followed by Ann Summers (23%) and Victoria’s Secret (18%). 

Yasmin, 40, London, a member using said ‘Since starting an affair 6 months ago I’ve lost a ton of weight and I’ve never felt sexier. I regularly buy lingerie when I’m doing a food shop in Marks and Spencers and love to get dressed up for some steamy sessions with my lover. My husband doesn’t realise the purchases are for underwear on our joint account as it just shows up as Marks and Spencers – I just tell him I had to restock on detergent or wine.’

Another member, Georgina, 55, Liverpool, said ‘My lover has always said I have incredible breasts, more than a handful is a waste he says. I’ve been on diets all my life to remain petite. Small and slender was really popular in the 90s and that’s the kind of look I go for.’

Jessica Leoni, sex and relationships expert at, said ‘32B or not a B? That is the question! Turns out a small bust size can get you busted, whereas knockers won’t get you nicked! 

Of course affair-seekers aren’t getting sexy for their husbands – it’s their husbands who have made them lose confidence over time by taking them for granted. Women all over are reclaiming their sexual prowess by getting dressed up for their lovers. 

Why do cheats shop for lingerie at Marks and Sparks? It’s pretty obvious isn’t it? A woman juggling a household and a lover simply doesn’t have the time to shop around. Kill two birds with one stone by doing food and lingerie shopping at the same time. It’s also a great way to not raise any questions from suspecting husbands!’


What is your cup size?

Cup Sizes AA – 1%

Cup Sizes A – 7%

Cup Sizes B – 27%

Cup Sizes C – 17%

Cup Sizes D – 12%

Cup Sizes DD – 19%

Cup Sizes E – 5%

Cup Sizes F 3%

Cup Sizes FF 2%

Cup Sizes G 3%

Cup Sizes GG and over 4%

Do you buy sexy lingerie for your husband?

11% Yes

89% No

Do you buy sexy lingerie for your lover?

73% Yes

27% No

Where do you buy your lingerie from?

Marks and Spencer 37%

Ann Summers 23%

Victoria’s Secrets 18%

Agent Provocateur 7%

Boux Avenue 6%

Other 9%

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