Published Today: The 2014 UK Marriage and Adultery Report


The UK Marriage and Adultery Report, released today, is Britain’s most comprehensive study into relationships and attitudes. The research conducted by Atomik Research and commissioned by the UK’s largest extra-marital dating site reveals the UK’s innermost thoughts and opinions on sex, relationships and cheating.

The report revealed:

·  A third of people confessed to thinking they married the wrong person whilst a third of people admitted they felt like they lost all their independence when they got married.

·  More than one in ten (12%) people agreed that allowing their partner to have an affair would make their relationship stronger.

·  Over a third (39%) of people said they had or had considered cheating on their partner.

Spokesperson for, Mike Taylor commented: “The UK Marriage and Adultery Report, released today, is Britain’s most comprehensive study into relationships and attitudestowards sex and adultery. It is important to understand infidelity and the cultural, social and generational changes in attitudes to relationships, what was most surprising was the generational difference showing that younger people hold fidelity in a higher regard than their parents generation.”

What constitutes cheating seems to have changed from generation to generation, with the findings contradicting the common perception that older generations are ‘stuffy’ and young people are more liberal.

On generational differences the report showed that:

·  60% of people aged 35-44 consider kissing to be cheating compared to only 36% of people aged 55 and over.

·  25% of 18-24 year olds consider going to a strip club or getting a lap dance cheating compared to only 16% of 45+year olds.

Finally the report found surprisingly that 60% of British people wouldn’t automatically see their partner having an affair as an end of their relationship demonstrating that our views are becoming more liberal and understanding towards infidelity.


Notes to editors:

2014 UK Marriage and Adultery Report Top Line Results:

Have you ever thought twice about your decision to get married?
Answered 1505
Choice Frequency Per cent
Yes often 168 11.16%
Yes but when I was engaged, before I got married 82 5.45%
Yes once or twice 256 17.01%
No never 572 38.01%
I’m not married 427 28.37%
Totals 1505 100.00%
What caused you to feel regret?
Answered 1505
Choice Frequency Per cent
I think/thought I married the wrong person 166 32.81%
I felt like I lost all my independence when I got married 149 29.45%
I dislike the routine/monotony 122 24.11%
I became attracted to someone else outside my relationship 79 15.61%
I stopped being attracted to my partner 107 21.15%
I missed being a free agent, able to flirt, meet new people etc 84 16.60%
Other 51 10.08%
Totals 758 149.80%
Have you ever cheated or been unfaithful to your partner?
Answered 1505
Choice Frequency Per cent
Yes, with my current partner 129 8.57%
Yes, with a previous partner 232 15.42%
No but I have thought about it 230 15.28%
No and I never would be 948 62.99%
Totals 1539 102.26%
Have you/would you break up with your partner if you found out they were cheating or being unfaithful to you?
Answered 1505
Choice Frequency Per cent
Yes, immediately 601 39.93%
It would depend on the circumstances 712 47.31%
No, I love my partner too much to allow anything to get between us 192 12.76%
Totals 1505 100.00%

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