Tall Men are More Likely to Cheat!

* Taller men are more likely to have an affair, new research has revealed
* 6ft 1” is the height most likely to be unfaithful, as well as the height that women find most attractive in a man
* Men who are 5ft 2” and under are the most faithful in Britain
* 79% of women said that they would not date someone who was shorter than them
* The findings come from IllicitEncounters.com, the UK’s leading dating website for married people

Size really does matter when looking for a faithful partner. Evidence suggests that there is a connection between a man’s height and the likelihood of them having an affair. 

IllicitEncounters.com surveyed 4000 male members and found that those 5ft 10” and over are nearly twice as likely to cheat than their shorter counterparts.

The most common height for adulterous men is 6ft 1” with nearly a quarter of men in this category (23%)

No men in the sample were shorter than 5ft 3”, making 5ft 2” and under the most faithful height in the UK.

Only 32% of male love rats are between 5ft 3” and 5ft 9”.

The results of the study also correlate with various celebrity cheats, Dominic West, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods and Arnold Schwarzenegger all 6 foot and over.

An additional 800 women were surveyed on whether they believe height to be a factor of a man’s dateability, with 79% of women agreeing they would not date a man shorter than them.

The majority of women agreed that 6ft 1” is the sexiest height on a man (37%).

Jessica Leoni sex and relationships expert at IllicitEncounters.com said “Short men just don’t have much luck with the ladies, of course they are less likely to have an affair – they’re less desirable.

Let’s face it, we’re all looking for Mr.Tall, Dark and Handsome, married or not! Of course if Mr.Tall gets more attention from women he is then more likely to cheat. Height also gives men confidence which is an attribute that women find irresistible.

Short men on the other hand are at risk of developing a Napoleon complex – where they make up for their physical shortcomings with an overly assertive personality, not the sexiest quality. Not living up to the traditional gender norms can totally emasculate a man, no wonder shorter men are sticking to monogamy.”


Height Ranges of Cheating Men

5ft 5” and under 2%

5ft 6” 1.6%

5ft 7” 4.6%

5ft 8” 8%

5ft 9” 14%

5ft 10” 6%

5ft 11” 9%

6ft 12.5%

6ft 1”  23%

6ft 2” 8.2%

6ft 3” 5.8%

6ft 4” 3%

6ft 5” 1.1%

6ft 6” 1%
6ft 7” and over 0.2%


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