Over 60’s Shades of Grey: Record numbers of pensioners look for affairs


The UK’s largest extramarital dating site, IllicitEncounters.com, is reporting a trend of ‘silver surfers’ signing up in their thousands to find an affair. In the last 12 months the site has seen the number of over 60’s in search of an illicit tryst skyrocket to 70 per cent up on the previous year.

Spokesperson for IllicitEncounters.com Mike Taylor comments; “I’m not surprised by the rise in over the 60’s age group looking for an affair. Logically, as we grow in life experience our tastes and needs change, meaning what we long for at 25, will no longer be relevant to our desires as we explore later life. The person they married in their 20’s, may also no longer be the person that they want to spend all their time with.”

Recent changes in pension access have also meant that pensioners have more freedom to withdraw their pensions and use that money how they see fit, with some choosing to invest in finding a new partner and lease of life.

One member George, who is 67 and from Somerset commented: “I have spent my entire life working and now I am looking to have some fun – who can begrudge me looking for a partner who shares my interests? I love my wife and we have a nice life together, but we haven’t been intimate in years. I want the thrill of meeting someone new to flirt with and to feel the excitement of fresh chemistry, I guess sometimes I just want to feel like a teenager all over again.”

Mike Taylor further adds: “Once people retire and are no longer enjoying the social interaction of the workplace, it’s natural to want to meet new people. A large majority of the members I have spoken to, told me that they are looking to recapture their youth and the search for an affair has helped them feel younger and kept them active.”

IllicitEncounters.com surveyed their new members to discover the main motivations behind the surge of over 60’s joining up; the overwhelming majority responded saying they no longer shared the same interests with their partners and were looking for someone who did. The second biggest reason for signing up was looking for someone to help them feel young and vibrant once more.

Top 5 reasons over 60’s look for affairs:

1. No longer attracted/compatible to partner
2. Wanting to feel more youthful
3. Bored (looking to fill the void once retired)
4. Neglected by partner
5. Wanting to experience something new

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