Like Kissing? Don’t get married – 63% of married couples haven’t snogged in the last 3 months!

* 63% of married couples haven’t snogged in the last 3 months
* The key to a perfect kiss is to slow it down
* Big lips and tongue action make for a good kiss, although too much tongue and bad breath will make for a bad kiss
* Poll comes from 1400 married men and women on the UK’s leading married dating site

Guess what happens when you marry someone? The kissing stops!

In recognition of National Kissing Day, Wednesday 6th of July, the UK’s leading dating website for married people, surveyed 1400 men and women to discover how much, or how little, married couples kiss and what it is that makes a sensational smooch.

A shocking 63% of married couples haven’t snogged at all in the last 3 months, with 41% of those having not snogged for over 6 months. 

Like Kissing? Don’t get married. Only 37% of married couples have kissed passionately in the last 3 months. Out of those, only a meager 18% have smooched within the last month.

Out of the married couples that haven’t passionately kissed in the last 3 months, 79% said they no longer enjoy snogging their partner even though 87% of them stand by the fact that they love snogging.

The study also got to the bottom of what makes a good or bad kiss. The biggest tip to take away from the results is that the pace of a kiss matters. 

If you’re a slow kisser you’re not going to get any complaints. 51% of the respondents agree that slow kissing is the number one factor in a good kiss. The bulk of the respondents (42%) agree fast kissing is the number one thing that makes a kiss bad.

Many prominent movie scenes include kisses that are slow really honing in on this fact. The upside-down kiss in Spider-Man (2002), the iconic kiss on the bow of the ship in Titanic (1998), and the kiss in the pool in Romeo and Juliet (1996) another DiCaprio classic – the pace of the kissing is slow.

The second most important factor to a good kiss is big lips (23%) followed by some tongue action (14%). 

The last most important thing the respondents said makes a kiss good is eye contact (9%).

The study also found too much tongue action (30%) is a turn-off, followed by bad breath (18%).

The last most important thing to factor in a bad kiss is small lips (6%).

We asked a bunch of our married members, using, to describe the perfect kiss in their own words.

Case Studies

Nadine, 37, Reading

‘You can’t rush a good kiss. It needs to be slow and sensual.’

Hattie, 44, Newport

‘A good kisser leaves you wanting more, but a great kisser will pull the floor up from beneath you, make you go weak at the knees and make the world around you cease to exist.’

Jeremiah, 33, West London

‘Timing is key. You’ve got to know when to go in for a kiss.’

Susannah, 45, Manchester

‘A kiss that makes the world and all its problems disappear.’

Jessica Leoni, sex and relationships expert at, adds ‘A kiss should never be rushed. The tempo is the most important box to tick to satisfy a great kiss. Teasing is pleasing, you have to pace yourself. A fast kiss is awkward and can lead to teeth knocking into eachother and sore lips – what’s the fun in that? Turns out tongue action is also important – but not too much tongue, nobody enjoys a sloppy kiss.

Why aren’t married people kissing anymore? They’ve been there, done that, and quite frankly they don’t enjoy kissing their spouse anymore. Perhaps it’s the realisation, after getting married, that your spouse is the only person you’re ever going to be allowed to snog with again. We need more variety in our lives. No matter how good fish and chips is, you still wouldn’t want to eat it for dinner for the rest of your life.’


When was the last time you kissed passionately?

Today 2%

In the last week 6%

In the last month 10%

In the last 3 months 19%

In the last 6 months 22%

More than 6 months ago 41%

What makes a good kiss?

Slow kissing 51%

Big lips 23%

Tongue action 14%

Eye contact 9%

Other 3%

What makes a bad kiss?

Fast kissing 42%

Too much tongue action 30%

Bad breath 18%

Small lips 6%

Other 4%

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