Has your partner lost weight? They could be cheating on you!

* 62% of married couples feel that a relationship entices them to overeat

* 76% of adulterers believe an affair has helped them lose weight

* In the first 3 months of having an affair – men lose on average 7 pounds and women lose on average 11 pounds
* Research conducted by IllicitEncounters.com, the UK’s leading authority on infidelity

Forget the diet – have an affair! Adulterers skip counting calories and cheat their way slim instead.

IllicitEncounters.com surveyed 1200 adulterers (split equally by men and women) and found that weight loss is a sign your partner may be cheating you. 

We’ve all heard of the heartbreak diet, but what about the infidelity diet? 76% of adulterers claim an affair has helped them lose weight. 

62% of married couples felt their relationship was a catalyst for overeating with 59% blaming their partners for encouraging bad food choices. 

70% said feeling comfortable in their relationship made them lose the motivation to diet.

The average amount of weight loss occurring in the first 3 months of cheating for a man is 7 pounds and a woman is 11 pounds.

A plethora of research supports the notion that relationships trigger weight gain. A study by market research firm OnePoll, surveyed 2000 couples and found that the average poll participant gained 17 pounds in the first year of marriage.*

‘I’m going to the gym’ is the top excuse love rats use to cheat on their spouse with a collective 45% of men and women citing this reason as their top alibi to sneak out for secret affairs.** It’s no wonder weight loss comes into play – you can’t expect your partner to believe you’re doing tons of exercise without slimming down a little.

Jenny, 49, Brentford, a member using the site said ‘We both got fat. I blame takeaways and eating out. We egg each other on to eat unhealthy snacks, gosh especially with the kids. You know, we’ve gone through spells of changing our lifestyle but on the whole, I do feel we got fatter since we married.

I started having an affair in August last year and I’ve gone from a size 14 to a size 10. I put it all down to the affair. I wanted to look and feel sexy to impress my date and I had this buzz from all the sneaking around that made me feel more conscious about what I was eating. What’s great actually is it has made my husband notice me. As if he came out of this daze and realised his wife of 15 years is a hot commodity. I’ve stopped cheating now but I wouldn’t hesitate in having an affair again if I needed to shed some pounds.’

Jessica Leoni, sex and relationships expert at IllicitEncounters.com, said ‘Want a monogamous relationship? Expect some fidelity fat to come with the safety and security of chastity. And should your partner be down the gym and getting fit I’d be worried he’s pumping more than just iron.

Married couples get way too comfortable together as time goes on. You’re more likely to cosy up on the sofa with a takeaway on the weekends than go out on the town – so who cares if you don’t fit in that party dress anymore? 

Adulterers are losing weight and having fun. The party doesn’t have to stop when you’re married, just keep the cake and don’t eat it! ’

* 2018 OnePoll Study of 2000 married people on behalf of the weight-loss program Jenny Craig

** 2021 study of 800 members on IllicitEncounters.com

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