Vegetarians make the best lovers

*  Meat eaters are selfish in bed and unhappy in their sex lives compared to vegetarians
*  Vegetarians and vegans make love more often than meat eaters
*  Vegans are the happiest in their sex lives
*  The results come from the diet and sexual habits of 1000 members on, the UK’s largest extramarital dating site.

500 vegetarians (of which 38% identified as vegan), and 500 meat eaters were polled by the UK’s largest extramarital dating site on their diet and sexual activities.

Vegetarians are more likely to enjoy making out, foreplay, and dirty talk than their meat-eating counterparts. The study also indicates that meat eaters are notoriously selfish in bed and get down and dirty a lot less than vegetarians. Could conscious eating be a recipe for more thoughtful sex?

The majority of vegetarians (57%) make love 3-4 times a week compared to most meat eaters who only enjoy bedroom antics 1-2 times a week (49%).

84% of vegetarians report they are satisfied in their sex lives, compared to only 59% of meat eaters. Astonishingly 95% of the vegan participants said they were satisfied.

Vegetarians enjoy making out (92%), foreplay (88%) and dirty talk (48%) much more than their meat eating counterparts (79%, 68% and 35% respectively)

58% of vegetarians claim they are givers in bed rather than takers, only 35% of meat eaters describe themselves as givers – suggesting that meaters are a tad selfish in bed.

Least enjoyable for both vegetarians (26%) and meat eaters (15%) is bondage.

Exactly the same amount of vegetarians and meat eaters enjoy trying out new sexual positions (77%)

Heather, a 39 year old vegan on the site said “I ate meat all my life, till about 18 months ago. When I still ate meat and animal by products, I found myself constantly tired, bloated and my sex life was non existent, tragic I know. I just thought it was an age-related thing, losing interest you know? Now I’m on a plant based diet, I have more energy and I’m more open to trying out new things. Who knew changing your diet could increase the libido?” sex and relationships expert, Jessica Leoni said “‘Veggies are masters in seduction, why? Vegetarians eat foods that are known for their aphrodisiac properties, of course they’re more aroused. Maca – a peruvian root vegetable, fenugreek leaves, ginseng, aniseed – there is a host of different veggies that are natural aphrodisiacs that promote sexual excitement.

I for one have never heard a rack of BBQ ribs or a lamb shank to turn you on. Getting hot under the collar is not the same thing as getting meat sweats.

Meat eaters are not making love regularly enough, that’s probably another reason why they’re selfish in bed – if you only get intimate with your partner once in a blue moon of course you’re going to want to receive a lot more than you’re willing to give.”



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