The UK’s Most Adulterous Constituencies Have Been Revealed

The UK’s Most Adulterous Constituencies Have Been Revealed

  • Labour are officially the most adulterous political party in the UK, home to 15.56% of the UK’s electorate
  • The Conservatives, home to backstabbers such as Michael Gove, have an unfaithful voting base, too; they’re third overall with 11.96% of the electorate
  • The 2015 Election Infidelity Index saw the Conservatives oust Labour by 13.67% compared to 13.08%. With the Conservatives going on to win that election, Corbyn could be set to win this year, with the old adage of cheaters never prosper being proven false.
  • Labour constituency, Westminster North, is the most adulterous constituency in the UK, while the most faithful is South Cambridgeshire, currently held by the Conservatives
  • The most faithful political party are in fact UKIP – home to just 3.39% of all adulterers
  • Theresa May’s constituency, Maidenhead, is the 45th most adulterous overall, while Corbyn’s, Islington North, is one of the most faithful in the UK – 580th
  • The Election Infidelity Index is compiled by, the UK’s leading dating website for married people

It’s unclear as to who might occupy Number 10 in a week or so, however, what we can definitely say right now is that Jeremy Corbyn is the winner, but not of a poll that he’d be particularly proud of., the UK’s leading dating website for married people and the leading authority on infidelity, have compiled the 2017 Election Infidelity Index, which lists each constituency in the UK in order of how adulterous they are, as well as the most and least adulterous political parties.

As it turns out, Labour voters are officially the biggest love rats in the UK, with Corbyn’s party home to 15.56% of UK’s electorate. And with Corbyn’s own party betraying him – whether that’s the leaking of his manifesto or challenging his leadership last year – it’s no surprise to see the party as the most unfaithful.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives, who themselves are no strangers to a bit of backstabbing – we’re looking at you here, Gove – are in third place with 11.96% of the electorate.

It makes a change from the 2015 Election Infidelity Index, in which the Conservatives ousted Labour by 13.67% compared to 13.08%. Perhaps that makes good reading for Corbyn; with the Conservatives going on to win the 2015 General Election, it proves that the old adage of cheaters never prosper is in fact false.

You can found out how unfaithful your constituency is by clicking here, and you can see how the Election Infidelity Index was calculated below*.

North of the border, Nicola Sturgeon, who seems hellbent on jettisoning Scotland out of the UK, can take some solace from the fact that her supporters also have trust and commitment issues; with 13.97% of the electorate being unfaithful, the SNP are the 2nd most adulterous party in the UK.

Interestingly, the most faithful voters are UKIP, with just 3.39% of the electorate, although the most faithful constituency overall is Kingston and Surbiton, currently held by Conservative MP James Berry.

The top 6 most adulterous constituencies all currently held by a Labour MP; Westminster North, Nottingham South, Leyton and Wanstead, West Bromwich West, Greenwich and Woolwich and Newcastle upon Tyne East finished 1st to 6th respectively.

The most adulterous Conservative constituency, and 7th overall, is South Cambridgeshire, currently held by Heidi Allen.

While he leads the most unfaitfhul party in the country, Jeremy Corbyn’s constituency (Islington North) is one of the most faithful in the country – 580th out of a possible 650th.

And with regards to our Prime Minister? She’s fighting for re-election in what is the 45th most adulterous constituency in the UK – Maidenhead.

While Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron aims to prove why his party is relevant, his constituency comes in an aptly boring and non-eventful 486th place; UKIP leader Paul Nuttall resides in Boston and Skegness – 146th overall. South Thanet, where Nigel Farage stood for election in 2015, is 140th overall.

In terms of the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon’s constituency – Glasgow South – is 107th, while the most adulterous Scottish constituency overall is Glasgow North, currently held by SNP MP Patrick Grady. It is the 10th most adulterous constituency overall.

The site’s spokesperson, Christian Grant, explains:

“Most of his MP’s don’t like him, some are actively betraying him by leaking his manifesto, so is it any surprise to see Labour as the most unfaithful political party in the UK? Probably not.

“The good news for Jeremy is that If this is any reflection of the public’s voting intention, then he can look forward to the next five years as our leader. With that said, the Conservatives aren’t far behind, and with Michael Gove among their ranks, they know first hand what betrayal looks like. Let’s not forget that Boris Johnson himself has a fairly patchy history when it comes to infidelity.

“Meanwhile, the SNP, desperate to leave the UK, also want to leave their partners from the look of it, or at the very least cheat on them.

“What is a turn up for the books, however, is the performance of UKIP. While Paul Nuttall is much maligned, so too Nigel Farage in some quarters, their electorate are among the most faithful among us.

“There are other ways to look at it, however. With Labour currently occupying more seats in the north of the country – and in places that are generally less affluent – it’s no surprise to see their voters stray.

“Many people cheat out of fear of the economic implications of a divorce. I mean, why risk your financial security when you can safely fill the gaping hole in your relationship?”

For the full results, head to

*The number of people cheating in each constituency was calculated using the postcode data of members of This was then run against the number of people eligible to vote in each constituency to give a percentage or Infidelity Index for that area. The results of each constituency following the 2015 General Election were used when compiling the data, meaning that MPs that may have resigned in recent weeks or months are still included if they were elected in 2015.

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