The Cat Is Out Of The Bag: Feline Owners Are More Likely To Cheat

  • A recent survey of 1000 female members of has shown the link between pet ownership and infidelity.
  • 27% of those surveyed are cat owners making them the group that are most likely to cheat.
  • Only 12% of members surveyed have a dog in their home, suggesting they, like their pets, are the most loyal.
  • Surprisingly bird owners made up 16% of those surveyed, a high percentage for such small portion of the population

Could the pet your partner has be an indicator that they are going to cheat on you? A recent survey conducted by has revealed that cat owners are almost 3 times more likely to cheat than dog owners.

A little over 1 in 4 people surveyed had at least one feline friend in their household, compared to roughly 1 in 10 having a dog. This is surprising because dogs are known to be the U.K’s most prolific pet, with almost half of the British population having a dog in their home. Comparatively only 25% of the population has a cat in their home.

Beware if your partner keeps a budgie as bird owners also came back with a higher than expected result of 16% despite far fewer households having them as pets.

Christian Grant explains:

“There is an ongoing debate as to whether our cats even like us, they often will go to where the food is best, their loyalty being to their own satisfaction. They also appear to have a general air of detachment about them. It’s interesting to see the behavioural patterns we recognise in pets reflected in their owners, cats are known for being wanderers of the night, and it would appear that their owners are too”

  1. Cat (27%)
  2. Birds (16%)
  3. Other/no pet (16%)
  4. Hamster/Gerbil (15%)
  5. Reptile (14%)
  6. Dog (12%)


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