No Cheating Allowed, Unless you Work in Media

·         36% decrease in workplace affairs since 2017

·         Those working in media and teachers most likely to cheat on the job

·         Adulterers fear affairs at work lead to unemployment

·         The results come from a survey of 800 married people on, the UK’s leading website for married people
Spouses can rest assured that if their partner says they’re working late, they probably are.

Out of 800 members surveyed by only 42% of adulterers have done the dirty with a work colleague compared to 2017, when more than three quarters of adulterers engaged in at least one office fling.

The results revealed that media ranked top workstation for cheating with 26% of affairs happening in this sector, followed shockingly by 19% of love rats working in education.

Out of the 58% that said they’ve never had an office fling; they were asked what their top reasons were.

Top Reasons not to have an Affair at Work:

– Risking my job 23%
– I’m afraid of getting caught out 20%
– I’m afraid of getting a bad reputation 17%
– I’ve not had the opportunity 13%
– Repercussions if it ends badly 10%
– I don’t fancy anyone at work 8%
– I work remotely 7%
– Other 2%

Jude a female member on said ‘I’ve had an affair with my supervisor at work in a previous job, which turned out catastrophic when it ended. If you’re thinking of having one, I really advise to think twice. It’s awkward working under someone after being intimate with them. Think it’s a secret? You’re wrong. The entire office will get wind of it, especially in my case where I referred to my lover as my work-husband way before we were romantically involved. In the end I had to resign and find a new job. I don’t recommend mixing business with pleasure.’

George a male lawyer on the site said ‘I might have considered pursuing a co-worker in the past, but since being promoted at work I feel like it could be interpreted as an abuse of power. An innocent flirt could be misconstrued and raise alarm bells these days, especially since the #metoo movement – you must be careful to not give off the wrong idea. Office hook-ups are simply not professional, especially in high pressure corporate jobs like law.’

Spokesperson for Jessica Leoni said ‘Of course less of us are participating in an inter-office rendezvous. Not only is it completely scandalous if it gets out, there are so many other factors to consider if things go sour. Is it worth risking your career over a snog with Martin from Accounting? I think not.  With potential dismissals resulting from affairs at work, you could also be putting your job at jeopardy.

These days our work mates don’t tend to transcend so much into our personal lives either. With the exception of certain jobs like media and teaching – we’re more likely to communicate with a co-worker by email then we are face to face. We simply socialise more after we clock off.’

Top Industries to Engage in an Office Romance

Media 26%
Education 19%
Financial Services 14%
Legal 12%
Sales & Marketing 9%
Art and Design 8%
Government 6%
Health Industry 4%
Science & Technology 2%
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