Does he like Belgium Beer? He’s cheating on you!

* Belgium Beer is beloved by men who betray their wives – with Stella Artois voted the number one choice for cheats!

* Men who are faithful drink Fosters, Budweiser, Corona and Guinness – to name a few

* Brits who booze on Irish brews are the most loyal – Love-rats dislike bevvies from Ireland more than any other country

* Study conducted by, the UK’s leading dating site for married people

Beware of the man that orders a Belgian beer – he may be cheating on you! 

In celebration of National Beer Day, Tuesday 15th of June, the UK’s leading dating website for married people, surveyed 1000 men to discover the top beverage of affair-seekers out of beers, ciders and stouts and ales. Sex and relationships expert for, Jessica Leoni has compiled and commented on the results below:

Affair-seekers are in favour of Belgium beer over any other beer, cider, stout or ale – with Stella Artois coming out on top as the beverage of choice for cheating Brits! Irish bevvys on the other hand are the least popular – with Guiness making a shocking appearance in the top 10 least favoured drink of adulterers.

Stella Artois, a Belgium beer, comes out on top as the number one drink enjoyed by loverats with 18% of the vote. With their original slogan reading “Stella’s for the fella’s that take their lager strong” – and apparently also for spouses that stray!

Second and third place goes to lagers from the Netherlands, Heineken (16%) and Amstel (15%). 

If Carlsberg did affairs… they probably wouldn’t be the best in the world, but they’d not do too badly either, this Danish beer comes in fourth place gaining 12% of the vote.

Fifth place goes to Peroni, a beer from Italy (9%), followed by the French beer Kronenbourg (7%) in sixth place and German beer Becks in seventh (5%). 

Hoegarden, another Belgium beer, comes in eighth place (4%), followed by English cider Thatchers in ninth (2%).

Tenth most popular bevvy for adulterers is the pale ale Leffe (1%) and the third Belgian beer in the list – making Belgium beer the most notorious drink choice of cheating men.

Date yourself a man that drinks Australian beer Fosters – as Fosters is voted the number one least popular drink for affair seekers with 23% of the vote. Making those that drink Fosters the most faithful!

Second and third least enjoyed beer of adulterers belongs to America –  Budweiser beer (17%), followed by IPA Sierra Nevada (13%). 

Fourth place goes to Mexican lager Corona (11%).

Fifth is Irish cider Magners (8%) and sixth is Irish stout Guinness (6%). 

Seventh least favourite drink of adulterers, and thus enjoyed by more faithful men, is Netherlands lager Grolsch (5%) – the only country that has a drink voted into the top 10 best and the top 10 worst list.

Eighth place goes to Scottish Brewdog beer (4%), followed by Spanish lager Estrella in ninth (3%).

Tenth least liked drink by loverats belongs to Irish stout Murphy’s Irish Stout (1%) the third Irish bevvy in the top 10 most disliked drinks by cheats – making Brits who booze on Irish brews the most loyal.

Top 10 Best Drinks

Stella Artois – Belgium 18%

Heineken – Netherlands 16%

Amstel – Netherlands 15%

Carlsberg – Denmark 12%

Peroni – Italy 9%

Kronenbourg – France 7%

Becks – Germany 5%

Hoegaarden – Belgium 4%

Thatchers Cider – England 2%

Leffe – Belgium 1%

Other – 11%

Top 10 Worst Drinks 

Fosters – Australia 23%

Budweiser – America 17%

Sierra Nevada – American 13%

Corona – Mexico 11%

Magners – Ireland 8%

Guinness – Ireland 6%

Grolsch – Netherlands 5%

Brewdog – Scotland 4%

Estrella – Spain 3%

Murphy’s Irish Stout 1%

Other – 9%

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