Catch an Adulterer by their Taste in Chocolate 

* Adulterers vote Celebrations as the number one box of chocs this Christmas 

* The number one chocolate as chosen by cheats is Celebrations’ Maltesers Teasers
* Spouses that love Roses are the most faithful in Britain

* 1 in 3 affair-seekers have used chocolate during sex!

* Results are from a new survey of 2,000 people by, the UK’s leading dating website for married people

If your partner buys a box of Celebrations this Christmas – I’d be worried they may have been naughty rather than nice this year.

A survey of 2,000 married cheats on has made some rather sweet discoveries around infidelity, sex and chocolates, and here are the results.

Adulterers vote Celebrations as the number one box of chocs for cheats this Christmas with a whopping 42% of cheats choosing Celebrations over any other brand. 

Second place goes to Cadbury Heroes with 27%, followed by Quality Street with 19%.

Roses are least liked by love rats (7%) – making those who enjoy Roses the most faithful Brits!

The respondents were also asked to vote on their favourite chocolate across all the brands. 

Turns out cheats reach for Celebrations’ Maltesers Teasers (20%) more than any other chocolate!

Second favourite chocolate is Celebrations’ Miniature Snickers (17%), followed by Cadbury Heroes’ Wispa (13%) in third and Quality Street’s Fudge (10%) in fourth place.

Fifth place goes to Celebrations’ Galaxy (9%), followed by Cadbury Heroes’ Crunchie (7%) in sixth.

Roses’ Hazel Whirl comes in at seventh overall (6%) and Quality Street’s Green Triangle (5%) in eighth place, followed by Quality Street’s The Purple One (3%) in ninth.

Last but not least, and surprisingly, Roses’ Strawberry Dream (2%) makes the final cut in the top 10.

35% of cheats have used chocolate in an erotic fashion, while 70% of those that haven’t would love to try chocolate in their sex life! has previously discovered that 33% of female love rats shop in M&S for sexy lingerie to wear for their affair*. So, if you spot a spouse shopping around Marks and Sparks for bras and Celebrations this festive season – they may well be looking to cheat!

Jessica Leoni, sex and relationships expert at said ‘We all know someone who just can’t help but sneak those extra few bites of delicious chocolate when it’s handed to them on a plate – they simply cannot trust themselves! That self-indulgence and lack of willpower is a recipe for an affair. Seeking pleasure in chocolate is the same as seeking pleasure in extra-marital sex – both hedonistic in nature. 

Maltesers Teasers winning top chocolate this year is unsurprising. Not only is chocolate a natural aphrodisiac but Maltesers have always played on this fact with their sexy hallmark television adverts. Such as the risque ads from the mid-2000’s with comedy duo Katherine Parkinson and Amanda Abbington – where the ladies would go on to do something a little naughty after proclaiming that eating Maltesers was not naughty enough!’


What’s your favorite box of chocolates brand?

Celebrations 42%

Cadbury’s Heroes 27%

Quality Street 19%

Roses 7%

Other 5%

Which is your favourite chocolate in a box of chocolates?

Celebrations’ Maltesers Teasers 20%

Celebrations’ Miniature Snickers 17%

Cadbury Heroes’ Wispa 13%

Quality Street’s Fudge 10%

Celebrations’ Galaxy 9%

Cadbury Heroes’ Crunchie 7%

Roses’ Hazel Whirl 6%

Quality Street’s Green Triangle 5%

Quality Street’s The Purple One 3%

Roses’ Strawberry Dream 2%

Other 8%

Have you ever used chocolate during sex?

35% Yes

65% No

Those that answered no were asked: Would you like to?

70% Yes

30% No

* July 2021 survey of 800 female members by

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