Revealed: You’re LESS Likely to Stray If You Own This Domestic Pet…

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  • Dog owners are happier, healthier and now they’re more faithful than any other pet owner too, new research has revealed
  •, the UK’s leading dating website for married people, found that just 10% of over 700 members surveyed owned dogs, making dog owners the most faithful
  • The least faithful among us are cat owners (25%), while 16% own fish and 11% rabbits
  • A dog’s qualities, such as loyalty and unconditional love, are often reflected in their owner

If your marriage has hit a ruff patch, you better hope you’re married to a dog lover. Research released today by, the UK’s leading dating website for married people and the leading authority on infidelity, has shown that just 10% of over 700 members surveyed are dog owners, making dog owners the most faithful pet owners in the UK.

On the other hand, as many as 25% owned cats, with 16% owning fish, 13% hamsters/gerbils, 11% rabbits and 11% reptiles.

The site’s spokesperson, Christian Grant, explains:

“There has already been a plethora of scientific studies that claim that owning a dog, or dogs, makes you happier and healthier, and now you can add loyalty to that list.

It’s an interesting, if not unexpected result. Man’s best friend is the UK’s most popular pet, and has been for a very long time, but not among this particular community it seems.

A dog’s qualities are usually reflected in their owner, and loyalty, unconditional love, friendship and a sense of protectiveness are qualities that everyone associates with canines, regardless of their size, breed or gender.

By the same token, a cat’s loyalty is a little more unclear. Often lazy, they’ve been known to drift to whomever is offering them more food, so it’s of little surprise to see that lack of loyalty reflected in our study.”

With that said, not every dog owner is squeaky clean, as Grant admits:

“We’re not so foolish to say that every dog owner is the perfect human being – we can’t justify that sort of generalization. In fact, we’ve a couple of members who breed greyhounds for a living, while many work closely with dogs, be that as a vet, volunteer worker, dog walker or otherwise.”

Adulterous Pet Owners:

1. Cat (25%)

2. Fish (16%)

3. Other/no pet (14%)

4. Hamster/Gerbil (13%)

5. Rabbit (11%)

6. Reptile (11%)

7. Dog (10%)

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