Is cheating written in the stars?


Whether you believe in astrology or not, we all fall into certain groups of sun signs depending on the time of our birth during the astrological year. Astrology then tells us that within these groups, we will have different personal traits that define us as true to our sign. Traditionally more popular with females than males as most are quick to dismiss belief in such a system, ladies magazines and websites are saturated with regular astrology guides to finding love, perfect astro matches, and which sign is more likely to stay faithful or stray during a relationship.

Illicit Encounters (the UK’s largest extra marital dating website) were particularly interested to see if the signs most regularly named and shamed as the most faithful and unfaithful rang true among our members, and unfortunately for those non-believers, the findings matched the profile of these signs perfectly! So here is a quick guide to the sun signs who don’t strain to tell a lie and those who are more cautious to try….

The astrological sign, and the largest group of Illicit Encounters members is indeed Pisces, the slippery fish who falls in – and out – of love easily and has an occasional issue with telling the truth. Many are fooled into thinking this sensitive and romantic sign would never stray, but they are masters of deception within the waters of love. You may think you know your Pisces partner but they are also experts at covering their tracks, meaning ignorance may be bliss with your smooth lover!

The second most likely sign to be unfaithful – and also Illicit Encounter’s number two is of course the head strong Aries. This sign is always looking out for number one, putting their needs before anyone else and their sexual appetite is notorious. Even though they fall heavily in love along with the other fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, they simply cannot keep it in their pants as well as their loyal siblings. Naturally dynamic, fiery, and extrovert personalities make Aries irresistible to others and they love the thrill of the chase, even more so when chasing something forbidden…

The third most popular member is strong willed Taurus. This fixed sign is dependable, romantic, steady and committed. Once settled into a routine these sturdy signs do not like change and will give a partner plenty of signs if something is wrong within a relationship. If their worries and feelings are ignored however, these loving bulls may not be able to resist romantic temptation and may go in search of someone new who will understand them, while secretly hoping to fix their primary relationship. Word to the wise for partners of Taureans: pay attention to the signs!

The most traditionally faithful astrological signs also mirrored the least number of members on the Illicit Encounters website. The sign with the least number of sign ups was loyal and steadySagittarius. Friendly, comfortable and content, it takes a lot to make this laidback sign look for an extra adventure outside of their relationship. They do however enjoy a flirt, and their fun loving nature could be easily enticed by showing them your lust for life and tender side. They also need a lot of space and hate to be tied down, so a Sagittarian who feels restricted could rebel by looking for a new mate to show a partner not to restrict their carefree ways.

The most loyal sign number two and second least number of Illicit Encounters members is smoldering Scorpio. A massive misconception of Scorpio is that due to their ability to practically sweat sex they are simply not to be trusted. Unlike its fellow water sign Pisces at the top of the unfaithful list; these trustworthy lovers are very loving and steadfast in their intimate relationships. However, while you will never find a more devoted lover than a Scorpio, they will only be faithful as long as you are and not one moment more. If you break a Scorpio’s trust by two-timing them, you’ll lose their loyalty forever – and you can expect some kind of revenge payback in return!

And finally, the third sign of the zodiac least likely to cheat, and Illicit Encounters number 3, is down to earth Virgo. Refined and intelligent, this sign knows exactly who and what it wants and will work hard to get it. Practical considerations prevail where love is concerned and sex isn’t usually a particularly big deal. Certainly, this sign isn’t known for its philandering – probably because being a workaholic by nature, it simply doesn’t have the time. Similar to fellow earth sign Capricorn they may wait years before settling down ensuring they make the right choice, and if they haven’t they will find it very hard to leave a marriage out and out, so an affair with an earth sign is possible.

So there you have it – forewarned is forearmed!

Star Signs
1. Pisces 11.9%
2. Aries 9.9%
3. Taurus 9%
4. Aquarius 8.8%
5. Gemini 8.6%
6. Capricorn 8.5%
7. Cancer 8.4%
8. Leo 7.9%
9. Libra 7.7%
10. Virgo 7.4 %
11. Scorpio 7%
12. Sagittarius 4.9%

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